The Orchard is "re-visioning" ...

What is re-visioning?

A Fellowship with God that Loves Like Jesus Loves

The COVID epidemic was particularly harsh on our spiritual and relational patterns, and we found ourselves wandering, unfocused, and disconnected. When this happens there needs to be a fresh look at what we do and how we are doing it.

So we are doing just that, and everything is on the table for change. We are taking some time in the Fall of 2022 to refocus on our pursuit of becoming people who Love Like Jesus Loves.

Can Visitors Join or Come?

Absolutely! If you want to be involved with a small church community that is working to build a healthy life on the foundation of Jesus, then we would love to have you come in and build with us. Sundays do not have the typical "audience format" that you might expect on a Sunday, and are much more interactive and relational. A particular Sunday might be spent strengthening any of the following.:

  • Together create a nonjudgmental culture of love as we encourage and serve one another in meaningful relationships.
  • Teach, train, and challenge each other in the truth of Scripture.
  • Strengthen our faith together using prayer, worship, and interaction so we develop abundance in the will and power of God and sufficiency with the world around us.
  • Actively engaging with others in the world together as the Spirit moves with us: being humble and loving, sharing God's love and the salvation of the Gospel with others, and serving the poor, the sick, and the afflicted with the healing love of God.

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